More About Me

In almost 20 years as a professional freelance translator, I’ve experienced highs and lows and had to overcome self-imposed barriers and doubts. Often, especially after first turning self-employed, I would feel overwhelmed, and was close to giving up on numerous occasions. Back then, it would have helped me greatly if I’d had someone to give me encouragement, help me order my thoughts and understand my goals, and motivate me to actually put ideas into practice. This is the kind of support I now offer other freelancers.

I conducted my first workshop for would-be freelance translators and proofreaders in 2010 – you can read testimonies from participants here. In 2012, I then decided to further my coaching skills, completing a training course in systemic coaching at the IFLW in Berlin. Since then, I’ve been providing one-to-one coaching for translators and other freelancers wanting more structure, success and contentment at work.

Whatever you’re struggling with, chances are I’ll have been there myself – and so will be well placed to help. Whether it’s expert support or extra motivation you need, or just an objective outside view, please do get in touch. I can help you find the balance you need to achieve both professional satisfaction and success and a fulfilling private life.

I look forward to hearing from you.