Have you got a calling – something you find truly rewardng and are really passionate about but haven’t pursued because you think you could never turn it into a career?

If that’s you, here’s some good advice from author and coach Tara Mohr for you:

“(…) we don’t need to do our callings forty hours a week to experience immense fulfillment from them. REALLY. Your calling probably won’t demand that IT be the way you pay your mortgage or rent. it’s simply begging you to give it some space for a true expression in your life. The happiness we feel when pursuing a calling is so great, the infusion of energy so strong, that a small number of hours spent on it each week changes the way we experience every moment of our lives.”

Tara Mohr

So if you feel there’s something that you would love to take up or pursue, go for it. At the very least, it will bring you happiness, and who knows, you might find it will evolve into something bigger than you ever thought possible.